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Important Notice

Please Note: The progress docket for a court case represents a listing of all pleadings filed for record in a case. Our office began imaging over a period of time, therefore, you will find pleadings with images attached and those without images depending on the age of the case. You will find non-confidential images or viewable on request available for the following case types after these dates
CIVIL July 18, 2001
FELONY June  5, 2002
MISDEMEANOR January 2003
Please contact our office to obtain copies of pleadings listed on the progress docket filed prior to these dates. 941-749-1800

News & Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE to Word Perfect Users

The Manatee Clerk’s office E-Filing System does NOT support Word Perfect file formats (.wpd). In order to correctly file a document created in Word Perfect please SAVE the document as ‘MS Word 97/2000/2002 for Windows’ format. Once the document is saved in this manner, you can then E-File it with our office. If done correctly, you will notice the newly created document ending in ‘.doc’.

Manatee Clerk is First Clerk Authorized to Provide Online Access to Images of Court Documents
e-File Notice

Attention e-filers, when scanning images, please make sure the document is properly rotated to appear vertically on the screen. The clerk cannot adjust the rotation of an image once it is e-filed and will have to reject documents oriented incorrectly

e-File Notice

R. B. “CHIPS” Shore announces the advent of a brand NEW and Simplified
“One Button” E-Filing System.

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Clerk's Court Records Pilot Program

You are logged onto the subscriber page for the electronic court records pilot program. The link below will take you to a document giving details on the program. This web access is an evolving project, so please let us know of anything you think will improve our service.

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Courts Approve New “Slash S” Signature

January 31, 2008 the Florida Courts Technology Commission approved the use of "Slash S" as an electronic signature method for e-filers and the expansion fo the Judge Sign program which provides a facsimile signature on e-documents. 


Small Claims Video

An informational video about Small Claims.

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